Jewish Causes

We believe we are at our best when we are serving others. The Weiner Family Foundation has strong roots in the greater Philadelphia Jewish Community and is a major asset for combating anti-Antisemitism through education and information sharing.

Our family foundation has a vision for a thriving global Jewish community – today and for future generations.

We do this by:

Teaching Heritage through Jewish day school, enhanced synagogue schooling, and a coordinated
outreach effort by community organizations to Jewish Youth and Jewish families.

Caring for People at-risk or in need through programs that help seniors to age with dignity, especially for Jewish families facing poverty.

Connecting Jews In Greater Philadelphia to each other and to Jews in Israel and around the world
through advocacy, hunger relief and support for Jewish seniors. 

Every grant or donation through the Weiner Family foundation will incorporate the number 18. The number 18 is more then a numerical value, it translates to Chai which translates to Life and also represents being alive. The act of giving, $18 is commonly referred to as “giving chai.” This extends to multiples as the number 36 is commonly referred to as “double Chai”. Symbolically, these gestures are representative of giving a gift of ‘life”.